Trail + Garden

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The ASU Deer Valley Rock Art Center is a museum, nature preserve and archaeological site with the largest concentration of Native American rock art in the Phoenix Valley.

Our handicapped accessible 1/4-mile trail takes visitors to a place where for thousands of years people have left their mark on the hills by pecking over 1,500 symbols we call petroglyphs into the black basalt boulders. We do not know why.

be in harmony with nature

Outdoor picnic tables and an amphitheater area offer ideal places for picnicking.

Enjoy an incredible variety of plants found throughout 47-acres of desert preserve. Signage on the trail identifies plant species and the ethnobotanical garden showcases some of the crops that Native Americans may have cultivated at this site long ago.

The Center is home to many wildlife including roadrunners, quail, squirrels, cottontails, javelina, owls, hawks, coyotes, snakes, lizards and bobcats.

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