Leaving Marks: The Rock Art and Archaeology of Deer Valley

Permanent Exhibition | Ongoing

For thousands of years, people have left their mark by pecking over 1,500 symbols into the black basalt boulders at Deer Valley. We do not know why. As visitors, we are the latest people to change the land here and express our cultural values. Our presence in this landscape connects us to the people who were here before and to the marks they left behind.

Explore the Deer Valley Rock Art Center. You're experience will include an orientation film, interactive computer kiosks and hands-on activity stations as well as thought-provoking information.

This exhibition was made possible through a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council

The Green Room

Permanent Exhibition | Ongoing

In The Green Room, kids and their families can find information on the people, plants and animals that have lived on this site for more than 7,000 years, as well as fun facts about population, cultural traditions, and similarities in how people lived thousands of years ago, and how we live today. 

Activity stations include: a storybook reading area; a computer station with games, recipes + videos; a desert supermarket; a desert hardware store for learning about ancient technologies; a draw-your-own-postcard station; and a station for learning about ways in which plants and animals adapt to our hot and dry desert environment.

This exhibition was made possible through a grant from the Phoenix Suns Charities.