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Recycling efforts at the ASU Deer Valley Rock Art Center has two main goals: to increase recycling participation and to reduce contamination that can relegate an entire bin of recyclables to the landfill. With a community of more than 80,000 people, proper recycling can have a major impact on reducing our solid waste.


The Center has developed a composting program. Currently, food scraps and landscaping waste is composted behind our garden. The compost is used in the garden replacing artificial fertilizers.

Energy Conservation

The ASU Deer Valley Rock Art Center is committed to reducing its energy consumption, increasing efficiency, and minimizing harmful emissions related to energy consumption. The museum and offices are heated to no higher than 68° F and cooled to no lower than 78° F to reduce the amount of energy used for space conditioning. When the Center is closed, the thermostats are adjusted to cool and heat less.

In addition, the Center is committed to reducing wasted power from computers via power management and purchasing energy efficient computers, and motion sensors on lights.

Services and Maintenance

The Center is committed to using services and products that are more sustainable and reusing materials whenever possible.

Every day around the world Dyson hand dryers, like the ones used at the ASU Deer Valley Rock Art Center, dry an estimated 25 million pairs of hands. Imagine how much waste, carbon and time that saves. By replacing our paper towel dispensers, the Center contributes to using 200 less paper towels each day, or 52,600 each year.

Water Conservation

The Center has reduced water consumption in our building through the installation of low-flow water fixtures such as sinks and toilets. On average, these efficient appliances use approximately 30 percent less water than their conventional counterparts.

Renewable Energy

With more than 300 sunny days per year, Phoenix is a prime location for developing and using solar power.

Arizona State University has a comprehensive solar program that extends to all four campus locations. At the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, we have solar lights in our parking lot.

Our Commitment

Arizona State University has made an institutional commitment to lead by example through the sustainable operations of its campuses. By demonstrating exemplary practices and sharing solutions, ASU stimulates changes in individual, institutional, and corporate behaviors to create a more sustainable world.

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